Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Decided to open up and talk of life.
Not the peripherals this time
Only what makes a connection
Between heart and head
Synapses join, creating fresh links.
In time, a new pattern may emerge,
Forming bridges 
Between what I perceive and what is.
A fear grows of being the only one
For whom that strange music plays
Splinting my soul.
Do you hear it too?
Does the noise of misconception
Jangle your cochlea, 
Making you spin tumbling
Inside your skull?
Shake the box
Letting your dice drop onto the dialogue
What do you find?
Gather them again
Throw harder and faster
Building a stack of comprehension chips
You can bargain for a peace
You will never have without the gamble.
High odds and fearsome opponents
For best results.
I'm game if you are!
All I need now
Is a little loose change to begin.
My pockets seem empty
I shared with you my deficit and you
Found a small coin 
In a lint-filled corner of my stitching.
Place your bet.
What do you see here in the dust?
A winner, or a lamed dogger
Waiting to be glue?
With a little polish
I find the coin is a dollar
Then two
Overwhelmed that there is
Still value to be found
In the pocket of my mind
I'd like to keep the coin
Realising that only sharing it
Will have the chance to grow.
Now waiting for the season to change
Ready for the planting.
I guess I can wait till then.
Till the end of winter.
Spring is coming.

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